Who Started This, Anyway?: Meet the Founder and EIC


“She followed her passions and made sure to never take herself too seriously.”

Alexis G. Ditaway is a Senior (thank God) at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she is double-majoring in Digital Storytelling and Black Studies, minoring in Sociology and earning a Mutli-Cultural Certificate. She aspires to take over the digital media world as a writer and social media strategist. With her obsession with writing, culture and social media, she aims to have her name on the timelines and in the bylines.

As a Memphis-native, Alexis’ Southern upbringing has been influential in forming who she is today. Her humor, honesty and lightheartedness can be felt in everything she says and every word she writes. MeditatedMelanin began as a simple place for her to let her thoughts out and has now grown beyond her wildest dreams. She hopes that MeditatedMelanin is as good to you as it has been for her, and that you too find an avenue to open your heart and speak on your dreams.