You are here not because you found the link on my Twitter and decided to see what else this girl could possibly be up to. You are here because I feel that there is something on here that could help you, that could make your day better, make you think harder, or that you may feel the need to pass on to the person next to you. While the discovery may be by chance, the result was intended purposefully: for you to know that there is another brown girl out there, who is trying to figure it all out just like you are, and is willing to share her discoveries in order to help someone else.

This is more than just a blog.

This a beginning to conversations. An intro into how to be and live better. It could be your wake up call. Or perhaps its the confirmation you need to know that you DO matter. That you WILL be okay. That yes, we all fall short and we all wake up not knowing what to do or how to conquer our days. But we all come out on the other side looking better than before, and with a story that will help those who were once like us.

Mediated Melanin was created as an avenue for encouragement, honesty, and realness. In the past year, we have grown from a few blog posts and a few retweets to over sixty posts and two live engagement events. MeditatedMelanin is constantly growing and expanding, and I hope that you choose to grow along with us. 

I hope that this blog grows to be as meaningful to you as it is to me. Every read, every shared post, and every comment means more to me than you will know. Just as you are learning, I am learning as well. I hope that this becomes a place for a laugh, for a smile, and even to release a few tears. I hope you learn, share and reflect here, and that this becomes as much of your blog as it is mine.

Welcome to Meditated Melanin. Enjoy Your Stay.

With love and honesty,


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