A Plan is a Plan is a Plan…Just Breathe

“It’s ok to feel unsure. it’s fine to not know. keep in mind that uncertainty doesn’t last forever. Clarity always shows up for us.”

-Writer and Creative, Alexandra Elle

My senior year of high school I remember thinking that I had to have my life together. I thought I had to have a full ride to college, my future planned out, and career decisions made by the time I stepped foot on a college campus. None of that happened. I started college knowing the major I wanted to pursue but I did not know exactly where it would take me. I also did not have a full ride to college. I constantly compared myself to my closest friends and family around me. Most of all my closest friends knew where they wanted their career to take them and had scholarships coming in like crazy. The feeling I had was not jealousy, it was anxiety. I constantly worried about the end result when I had more than enough time to figure that out.

A common misconception that a lot of adults make college students believe, is that you have to have life figured out before you even start. As the wise and creative Alexandra Elle said, “it is okay to be unsure”. It is okay to be indecisive about whether or not you want to start in a 4-year university rather than a community college. It is okay if you did not get as many scholarships as your friend or sibling. And it is okay to take your time to find yourself and figure out what your passion is before choosing a career that sticks with you forever. I had to tell myself that all the time and I still do.

Now you might be thinking, how do I get to know myself? And what does that have to do with figuring out where I’m destined to go with my career? Well I can’t give a definitive answer on the only way to figure this out. But the only way I get answers to any of my problems is…wait for it…prayer. God has a set path for my life that I just need help seeing. I can say without a doubt, talking to God gave me clarity on aspects of my life that did not make sense. I’ve learned to be patient with my progress so that when I start out on the path God has planned for me, I won’t miss a step.

To the freshmen reading this post who feel overwhelmed, lost, or unprepared…breathe. A plan is a plan is a plan. You might not understand what the plan is or when the plan will go into fruition but you cannot rush something you are not in control of. Even though I love instant gratification I know at this stage of my life waiting for God to reveal my purpose to me will be worth the wait.

My best advice is to make the most of the opportunities in front of you. Get involved in a different organizations, associate with people of different cultures, and explore your passions. Trust the process and everything else will fall into place.

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