Role Play

I let you wear me around like a cloak

I saw myself in you so my insecurities became invisible

And I felt that you wore me better than I could ever do

You walked all over me like a runway

And when I tried to get up and turn it around

I realized projection was a one way

Street that led to insanity

I wanted myself back and you were walking around with best parts

You were playing me while you played me

And I didn’t know who was better

If you wore a snow suit in the sunshine I’d believe you over the weather

And it’s like our existence was tethered

I couldn’t cut you

We had ties that seemed to bind

And we had separate bodies but we shared the same mind

You stole my thoughts

And I just used them after

We were on different pages , different books , different chapters

I was living as half of me, you were my own personal rapture

I waited for you to come and save me

Cuz this love thing has me captive

And these shackles …

Weighing me down like bricks

Is it love or are you laughing

You done making me turn tricks ?

Or am I where you park for amusement?

I was okay with torture because it was attentive

But at this point It’s useless

Its old

I’m wore out

I’m not whole

You owe me a reset button

Not sure who I am anymore

But I think you know

So let me in on the secret

Why am I last to be let in

Why do I never have a say ?

Out of all the roles in this world

Why choose me to play?

Imitation , sometimes, is not the best form of flattery. As useful as you think your love may be, when you give it all away and think someone will return it in the same, you’re wrong.

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