Talk Is Cheap

How many conversations have you had in your life with a man? A potential boo if you will. Take a few minutes to think about how many men have talked to you…and how many have spoken to you. How many of those men listened to your words and noticed if you draw out your vowels or leave off the “ing “? Did they listen to respond or really lend you their ear ? Did they talk you up just to take you down? 
It will always be about what you say and how you say it. As women we get TALKED UP constantly. And by talked up I mean , complimented , accosted , looked up and down with googly eyes and that’s all followed up by a bunch of empty conversations. 

To you young men out there I have one question , you talked to her but did you speak ? You told her she was cute but do you realize why she is beautiful? You told her you’d like to get to know her, but did you? Is your vibe purely sexual or do you really see her heart beat in her eyes ? As a woman I can tell you that we’re tired , physically and mentally. We are tired of putting in more effort and getting minimal results. We’re tired of being talked up just to get let down. We’re tired of being coerced into being vulnerable , just to get naked for you and your gone once you realize vulnerability ain’t perfect. What’s the matter? You don’t like scars?  

In all honestly what is it that you expect ? Women have flaws and pasts and pain and we just want to know if you’re down ? In the words of DMX, is you with me or what? We are not asking you to fix us, we honestly don’t even need your help, we just want a little support. None of our old problems are yours to be a projector to, but all the heart we have left is yours to be a protector to. 

You have a favorite hoodie? Greek letter jacket ? Pair of Js that make you feel like MJ in his prime ? Us women are just trying to wrap ourselves in you and be as comfortable as we can. But if you don’t fit…you just don’t. In this love thing, perfect fits do exist. My only request is that you don’t force a fit. Don’t let us try you on and then the seams rip.  

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