Black Love: What A Black Man Did For My Heart

What a black man did for my heart He first showed me that I had one 
I was knew to the concept of feelings and 

With him…no moment was a sad one 

We laughed til Our ribs ached 

We sat down for meals together 

He showed me the concept of a man making sure there were full plates

We took road trips 

Walks to the mailbox 

Drove to church 

He had 3 jobs ….showed me the black man knew about Hard work 

He was my first encounter with a black man 

My father , my first love, my forever right hand. 

He made my heart full, every day I heard his laugh he made my heart glad 

His presence was dominating from the start and it still is even though he’s not here, 

That black man molded my heart. 

My next encounter wasn’t sweet 

But I wouldn’t hold on to the sentiment that it was bitter 

He was a black man with loaded words 

And I think he waited for me to pull the trigger 

He was as mean as he was slick 

Vile and volatile 

A smooth operator that seemed to control me with his tongue 

I took it, abuse was a new feeling , I was young , I was dumb. 

His smile could Woo a Nun off the steps of her convent 

That brown skin drew me in like a moth to a flame 

That black man broke my heart 

It left me feeling ashamed 

Until I met a black man that loved his God and his Mama. 

That was more concerned with his conscience than his commas 

That black man wanted to help me and speak me back to life 

He was the kind of man my Grandmother used to sing about 

The kind who won’t stop his life for you but will fit you right in

That black man did more for my heart than he could ever imagine by prioritizing me as his friend

He put me first and I did the same for him 

We were never in a competition 

And that’s the real way to win

That black man is wonderful 

That black man is powerful beyond measure 

That black man is valued, my hidden treasure 

He has me enthralled , every single part  

Treated me like a queen from the beginning , from the start 

He put his hands all over it and made it warm 

That’s what a black man did for my heart

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