Make Room:You are Enough 

Ever sit up and make yourself miserable with thoughts of coulda, shoulda, woulda? Yeah I know ,me too. I think as women we always wonder why and what if when it comes to failed relationships. Word of advice my babies, who cares? 

The best thing you can do after a situation ends is EVACUATE the scene, leave the area, rope off that crime scene because it is DEAD. No need to stick around and wonder why it happened. 

I know that sometimes I tend to think I’m the problem. I tend to think about why I was left and was I enough. Here’s the gag sis, you are and forever will be enough. However, you will never be enough for the man that does not know anything about value. Men who know nothing about value or even substance will inevitably try and say you are missing something. That then leads them to find these missing things in someone else, not realizing they’re just a 3 out of 5.  

It’s not healthy to believe that you are inadequate. You will lose sleep, you will waste prayers, and you can NOT get that time back. Instead use that time to get to know yourself, find out what it is that makes you so whole. Because if you believe someone when they say you aren’t enough, that just means there is a level of confidence you haven’t unlocked yet. Go find that key.  

Unlock your potential. Get face to face with your demons and tell them all to go to hell. Cry. I really mean that statement CRY your eyes out and release anything you had built up in you heart. You’re not weak. Take time out to know that vulnerability is a weapon that only you should have access to. Because any man within arms reach of it will use it to ruin you, and tell you in the end it was your fault. If you can be used as a weapon against yourself….the destruction will be greater than anything you’ve ever known.  
We all know I only post from personal experience and I am approaching 23 years of life and I will always mean what I say. In life and love you will always be your only enemy. Stay out of your own way. The room you leave yourself to prosper is the space God has to work. 

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