Rose Art

In half 

Or partially whole 

Adorned in its beautiful wrapper accompanied by its given name 

A broken crayon still colors all the same 

If I were going to paint a portrait 

It would come out beautiful even if all the colors ran together to create a new hue 

If I were going to describe a more vibrant individual… it’d get no better than you

I found you in the bottom of that old craft box 

Abandoned for things in shinier wax coatings , used for display pieces because they were new 

But in your own way you stood out because making disdainful things appeal to the untrained eye is what you do 

Master of nothing but your incognito ability to perform wondrous works 

You put out all you have even if it hurts 

Even if it leaves you filed down into a used up nub

You have left your mark 

You worked it 

You made it worth it 

 Gave it what you had left nothing but strokes of indifference left up to interpretation 

And you’ll smile in your exhaustion even if they don’t appreciate it 

Because your value never depreciated  

You’re the last one out 

The after thought to so many who came before 

But a broken crayon still gave existence a chance and showed it’s true color in more depth than ever before 

You’ll get put away til next time in that old craft box 

But where you’ll be when the lid comes off again

Is right there on top 

I’m the mixed company of those who can never again say they are asked of more than you 

Who will never again have the chance to say the wholeness had a leg up on the two halves that now make you 

You’re twice as good now 

You never have to pick your best part 

Broken crayons can still make rose art

-Beauty has always and will forever be surface deep. Never opt out of painting your picture and showing what beautiful things you can contribute to this world…. I used an old pen that was almost out of ink to write this….

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