Higher Learning

Low life on a higher ground 
Thoughts being lifted , I saw angels carrying my ideas around
And I knew what enlightenment felt like

I tasted the sky and felt alive again 

I felt sun rays 

I was warm 

I was baked in a new skin 

That was made to be entirely whole 

I was somewhere floating 

Me and God were sharing the same zip code 

And I was safe 

Sitting at his left hand 

I knew no worries and I had no fears 

Sorrow was gone and there was an almost rapid evaporation of my tears 

I’m being made new 

Washing myself in a new attitude 

And stepping out as the epitome of love 

It’s me that I feel it for the most 

But I will not hesitate to give to you 

You deserve it 

To feel this feeling 

To experience an aura made out of 24 karat confidence 

I’ll wrap you up and keep you warm 

Like a fleece blanket on a December night

It’s okay to feel safe with me 

All my wrongs finally made me right 

Cliche as it may seem 

I shed my old skin 

And I’m feeling like a queen 

I wear no crown 

No man lays down to kiss my feet  

But they lead me straight and carry me far all the same 

I rule over none but me 

So long live my reign 

May it spread far and plant seeds

Be uprooted never, not even on the midst of the most powerful storms 

May my power cease not 

May those who attempt to dim the light I just found the switch for 

Have a fate that leads them somewhere hellish and hot

I come here in Peace 

Up here there seems to be ample space for everyone to become who they are 

I elevated 

Ascension at its best 

I’m here in the good company of those who call themselves none other than blessed. 

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a little advice in here. I wrote this poem because I figured a few things out. This is my personal experience with finding myself, my worth , my joy, my God. I’m pretty sure higher learning is when you finally elevate to a level of understanding about yourself that will never waiver. When you are sure of yourself and the reasons behind your smile, nothing is better than that. 

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