Remember, You Come First.

Hello Darlings!

I haven’t heard from you all in a while, and vice versa. I apologize, because that’s on me. I dropped the ball, because probably much like you, I’ve been straight BUSY for the past month. From moving in to my very own house with my best roommates (exciting, RIGHT!?) to starting my junior year in college (ehhh, school? not so exciting), overwhelmed is an understatement. Being a junior for me means turning everything into overdrive. Putting in even more effort and work to finally accomplish all the goals I set for myself upon coming to college.

While I do plan on working harder than before, I now know how important it is to not overwork myself. I think that’s something everyone can do better to work on. We’re young adults learning autonomy and everything that comes with it. Let’s face it – we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves, whether it’s because we’ve had that pressure applied from others or simply because we want to succeed that bad.

It’s normal.

Amid scrambling doing your best to be your best, we often lose ourselves. I know I’m that way. I become so focused on what I’m doing, I don’t even realize that I’m not paying attention to how I’m doing, until it’s too late and my life is one big shamble.

You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there.

So, in honor of this new semester with internships starting, our first exams, group projects, essays, all that jazz, I just want to share some knowledge that I think anyone can benefit from.

First and foremost, remember to breathe. Often times I find myself stressing so much over every little thing, and I begin to over think my entire life. Like, did I do this assignment? Have I figured out what I’m gonna do for this class? Did I study? What am I gonna eat? Do I even have food? I know I have a meeting today. I need sleep. Does it feel like too much? Take a step back, clear your mind, and just breathe. Listen to the sound of your own breath, acknowledge your life, and understand that you’re going to be okay.

Take things one at a time. Worrying about trying to get everything done gets little to nothing done. You spent all your energy worrying! Now you’re stressed, in bed, trying to make up for lost time. It’s okay to worry, just worry about one thing at a time. Focus on that one thing, get it done, then move on to the next thing. I always have to tell myself “Don’t worry about that yet, I have to focus on this first,” and it eases some of the stress I have placed on myself. I take that deep breath, focus on the first priority, and then I work from there.

Last, but definitely not least, always make time for you. Ever heard of self-care? Everyone needs it. I don’t care if you’re the best multi-tasker in the entire universe. You still need to separate time for yourself, to take care of yourself. Make sure you’re truly okay, and not just going through the motions. It’s not fair to push yourself past your limits without even knowing if you’ve pushed yourself over the edge. When I forget about my self-care, I most definitely end up crashing and burning. That’s just more work you’re unnecessarily giving yourself, and you deserve better than that.

The main idea I would like for everyone to take from this post is to always put yourself first. This is your life, and at the end of the day you have to live with who you are, and what you’re doing with your life. And we all deserve to live our very best lives!

Now go take the world head-on. You’ve got this! Happy Thursday.

Meech ♥️

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