Three Important Things I Have Learned From My Three Year Old

Aubrey Michelle , you guys will become familiar with that name. That’s my daughter, my baby , my twin, my biggest surprise and greatest blessing. Aubrey is a sassy, funny, crazy, over dramatic ,very intelligent Threenager. No matter how many times we go through the motions, I’ll take a bullet and shoot one for her. She has taught me so many things, things I never hope to forget. I’ll share with you all the three most important ones. 

1. Just because you did not expect it does not mean you don’t need it. I wasn’t expecting Aubrey at age 19 but she saved my life, she helped me grow and gave me a purpose that moved me far more than I had ever moved myself in my first 18 years of life. I had no responsibility, no cares, had never know selflessness really, had never known sacrifice. I needed to learn all of those things and she helped me unexpectedly. 

2. Someone is always watching you, make your moves count. As a first time mom I had no idea what I was doing but I winged it. I messed up a lot but I corrected myself also. Now that Aubrey is walking, talking , and observant I try to do my best to show her that I do good things. I try to also show her that no one is perfect. I apologize if I get too angry when I could have taken time to understand. I teach her in moments where I know she has no idea why she did something wrong. And I tell her she is beautiful and smart and that I love her every day because i always want her to see mommy as the definition of love and light. 

3. Always join in on the dance party. Children literally dance as if no one is watching and laugh as if the whole world needs a smile. If your child ever asks you to dance with them, do it. I have enjoyed that my hold is the epitome of a carefree black girl and she has shown me how to dance even when there is no music in the room. She has shown me that the little things in life are the most enjoyable, and I am grateful for every dance party in our living room. 

Motherhood is amazing. Teaching an learning from each other and constantly growing. So after you read this post, go love on your babies and have a dance party. You won’t regret it. 

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