19 Things I Learned in 19 Years 

Sitting here, on my 19th birthday, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned? 19 isn’t a “big” age but I’m glad I made it. After been going through too many things to name, I’m excited for what this new chapter in my life will bring to me. I’ve also been thinking about what the previous ones have brought me—the good and the bad. What did I learn? What did I accomplish? What could I have accomplished? Who did I meet?

Looking back, I’ve been on so many paths that have taken me to different places. I’ve gained interests in things that I never would have thought I’d like. Meeting people who inspire me and actually being able to say I know them and not from just a distance. I’m grateful for another year and I’m grateful to have learned so many lessons from different people and situations.

1. Trust your intuition. Your first mind—for the most part—is always right.

2. If you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it.

3. Read Read Read.

4. Be open-minded. Being uncomfortable is an open opportunity to learn

5. Don’t settle for less. Jobs, Friends, Relationships, anything. Never settle.

6. “What’s done is done”-SZA

7. Everything happens for a reason.

8. Let go and let God.

9. Always keep some tweezers and eyelash glue in your bag. You never know how windy the day will be.

10. You will outgrow people, that is perfectly normal.

11. Keep your headphones with you always. Sometimes it’s necessary to tune the world out.

12. Once a liar, always a liar.

13. Do your own research. Learn something for yourself to form your own opinions.

14. Ever eat a whole cheese pizza by yourself. You’ll get sick.

15. Changing your physical appearance won’t make you feel better if your issues are on the inside.

16. Appreciate those around you. Appreciate their presence.

17. Set goals. Major and Minor ones. Even if it’s a 2-week goal or 5-Year goal. Set it.

18. Drink water more. It will make a difference, in everything you do.

19. If you like, do it.

Keep remembering the lessons you learned throughout your life. Big or small, they have impacted you. You are where you are because of these lessons. You are who you are because of these lessons. Appreciate them, even if you’ve had to go through tough times to learn them. It has shaped you for the better. So, on your next birthday or honestly whenever you need to, make a list of the most impactful lessons you’ve learned throughout your entire life. It helps you appreciate the progress you’ve made in your life.

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