#VFT6: A Recap

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen a new post from MeditatedMelanin. 

And I do indeed know that we’ve been missed! I try to stay dedicated and loyal to my readers by posting regularly, and I know that not having a post in over 24 days is very irregular of me. But don’t think that I’ve just neglected MeditatedMelanin or my readers. This past month, I’ve been planning, executing and running my very first event: Views from the S.I.X (Strong. Inspiring. eXcellent.)

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Lex and Faithie

#VFT6 was held August 20th in the Black and Gold Conference Room of the Tiger Hotel in Downtown Columbia, Missouri. 24 wonderful women attended an event aimed at sparking conversation, answering questions and inspiring discussion. The end goal? For each woman to share her “views” with the intent on inspiring the woman next to her. 

With each discussion question and comment, we moved deeper into what it means to truly be a woman, and how we handle everything that comes along with that. Discussing questions such as “What do you love about being a woman, that you don’t need a man for?” and “What was your method of finding yourself?”sparked conversations filled with honesty, advice and encouragement. The variety of women in the room (from fashionistas to writers and business owners, college seniors and even two freshman who had just moved in days before) provided a wave of different experiences and opinions, all of which were meaningful.

Lex Explaining

From this three-hour event, I learned that there are so many women at the University of Missouri who are powerful, unique and determined to reach their own version of success. What’s even better than that, is that all of them are willing to help other women reach find same path and want the same level of success for others. I left the room with so much more wisdom and strength, and a new outlook on some of the situations that I have been through.

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This event is just a testament of how much MeditatedMelanin has growth in the past few months. From starting as a simple WordPress creation, to expanding into it’s own website domain, and now being able to engage with others by throwing events and widening our platform, none of this was even dreamable during the creating process. And we’ve only been around for seven months. Great and greater is coming. 

I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the event. Without you all, there would not have been such an incredible result. To every single one of my friends, both close and far, who have supported me and helped me pull it all together, I thank you. This past weekend was one of my greatest accomplishments, and I could not be more grateful. I hope to have many more like this, so that more women (and even men) can come togther and learn from one another.

Thank you for riding with me so far, and I hope you continue to follow me on the rest of this journey.


With Love and Honesty,


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