Don’t Miss Your Beat: Why Dreaming and Reaching Still Matters 

It is 10:13am on a Saturday morning. I am sitting on a bench near the Quad, one of the most beautiful spots on my college campus. What began as a simple walk turned into a journey of reflection, and I started to think about how fast life has moved and changed in the past few months. So much greatness has come into my life that I never expected and never thought would ever happen. I am now a junior in college, with a brand new major, a successful blog, popular radio show, social media freelance work, and my first event to plan. These are all things that I have dreamed about, and I can finally sit here and say that they are happening. 

But what really touches me and gives me chills about all of this, is that these things almost DIDN’T happen. There were so many times where I felt as if I wasn’t big enough. I always thought of myself as ordinary, and that no one would pay attention to the things that I wanted to do. I would constantly tell myself “I’m not that good of a writer. I can’t run a brand by myself. I can’t plan an event, no one would want to come.” And because of this, I delayed myself from achieving. I was so convinced that I had to have the Status, the Numbers, the Following, the Money and all these other variables in order to get my dreams off the ground. And while I’m so blessed to finally be getting a move on things, I know that this all could have been accomplished one or even two years ago. 

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who downplays their dreams and ability. We often feel like we have to wait for everything to be in perfect order before we start working on our dreams. We think that everything has to be together, that we need a team of people together and that we have to have all of our next moves together. In actuality, some of the best success comes from continuous dreaming, not from everything being together. The longer you wait for the perfect time and the best opportunity, the longer you halt your progress. Make the time. Create your own opportunity. Commitment to your dreams is what gets them going. 

You are bigger than you think you are. You are more capable than you know yourself to be. Don’t limit yourself by not tapping into your potential. There is someone out there that needs your dream to happen. They need you to start that company. They need you to start posting those YouTube videos. Someone needs to hear your poetry. Somebody could really use your invention. This should be enough motivation to get yourself off the ground. You will never know what can happen if you don’t make it happen. Don’t play yourself by doubting yourself. Write that business plan. Design that website. You will never know how powerful you are until you use your power. 

One thought on “Don’t Miss Your Beat: Why Dreaming and Reaching Still Matters 

  1. Girl I relate totally to this post. I too just started blogging and I have had so many negative feedback about it like ” now u think ure so big and u can hold a blog, then do what u like” kinda stuff. I really do have a low esteem and sometimes I really feel I don’t have the writing skills and it just breaks me. Then i dnt even feel free to write again because m just scared of judgement and I have so many ideas concerning my blog like making audios or videos and being able to reach out to people yet like u say…im waiting for the right time. Every day I have the urge to write something…to believe in something and I just let it down. Thank you for giving me a bit of hope in order not to slack on my dreams. If I wanna write, then I should. If it makes me happy and its part of my dream, then I shouldnt let it go. Thank, you girl


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