The Annoucement: #VFT6

I am blessed, honored, and so happy with the current success of MeditatedMelanin. What started as a simple place for me to share my thoughts and opinions has grown into something bigger than I imagined. This is now a place where people can come and know that there is someone out there who has experienced what they are going through, and wants them to know that there is another side. That this is a place of honesty, of encouragement, and where you can sit for a minute and be real. We are approaching our sixth month of operation, closing in on our 50th post (whew!) and on our way to 8,000 site views. This would not be possible without you. Every retweet, every comment, every favorite, every “Girl, you need to read this.” text message has gotten us to where we are today. And it is because of you all, that it is time to expand. It is time for us to not only be a place in cyberspace, but have a physical reach as well. 

Which is why I am pleased, excited and ecstatic to announce MeditatedMelanin’s very first engagement event: Views From The SIX: Strong. Inspiring. eXcellent. 

This women-only event will be held in the Columbia, Missouri area on August 20th from 2-4pm. This is not a business, bring your resume and get ready to repeat your major fifteen times event. This is something for me to show my appreciation, while also allowing us to reconnect and recharge for the upcoming school year. The goal is for you to learn more about the woman sitting next to you, while simultaneously inspiring her with your personal “views” as well. We’ll be talking about everything. We’ll be able to ask each other honest questions. And, we’re eating. How bomb is that?

While I wish everyone and anyone can come, seating for this event is limited. So be on the lookout for RSVP information in the upcoming weeks, as well as information about the location, what to bring and more of what to expect. It’s going to be a blast, and I am so excited to have you all!

Mark your calendars. Get your schedule in order. And please, stay in formation
With love, honesty, and excitement for what is to come,


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