Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: When To Bring Them Home

Before I begin, let me directly say this: the words below are a reflection of my personal experience and opinion. My opinion is the result of a thought, not a substitute for one. You can agree or disagree, as long as you understand.

I have gone on many dates, had many “pull up” visits, several interests, and everything in-between. But only 3 guys have met my mother. Only 2 of them met my father as well. And only one was truly worth bringing around either of them.

Getting to know me is an exclusive luxury. Not everyone is blessed with my energy, time and experiences. I am not for everybody. I’m not really into wasting time with people that I know I have no longevity with. Many guys have wanted to play a part in my life, but only three have pleasure of saying that I was THEIRS. I respect my time too much to just allow everyone access to it.

I say that to say this: I’m growing to respect myself highly, but I have ALWAYS had the highest respect for my parents. Everyone can’t shake my father’s hand. Everyone can’t experience my mother’s wisdom and hugs. That’s a privilege within itself. Meeting my family is something that truly has to be earned, and it takes time to decide if someone is worthy of.

I try to determine if I’m ready to take that step in different ways. Often, I’ll try to ask myself “Is this person reflective of someone my parents said that I deserved? Do I see myself being with this person for twice as long as I’ve been with them up until now? Would I be with them even if my parents didn’t approve?” If the answer to these questions is a no or a maybe, it is not time to bring them home. No matter how much you may like them, how they feel about it, etc. It is not the time. It’s not so much about you’re parents approval as it is about you’re parents’ time. Why have them be open to someone when that relationship is one more unread text away from being closed?

If I were you, I would wait on it for another few weeks, or until a needed occasion arises (prom, vacation, etc). Meeting the parents is a HUGE step in a relationship, and one that can be make or break. Be wise and be deliberate in decision, because there is no turning back from it.

With Love and Honesty,


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