Advice Q&A: The Games We Love to Play

Dear girl,

Yes, he is playing games and absolutely nothing but games. 

Boys do this so often. They pop into your life long enough to get your attention, then their attention will turn elsewhere. To another girl, another move, another project. Boys also aren’t really good at balancing and managing time, so they’ll drop you for something else and not think of anything being wrong with it. It’s an issue. It sucks. Trust me, I know. But it’s common. 

What’s crazy about this, though, is that boys will do this constant cycle of coming in and out of your life, all in order to make sure you don’t think about anyone else. The more you wait on his return or his true intentions, the less time you have to be with anybody else. You’re an option to him, but he wants to be your priority so when he FINALLY does come through on his plans you’ll drop everything to see how they turn out. He knows what he’s doing.

I would either ask him straight up what his intentions are, or I would just drop it off completely. I personally don’t appreciate my time being wasted, so someone wasting my time is an instant no-no. But, if you are still unsure and want to make sure you are making a fair decision, ask him what his intentions are. And once he makes them CLEAR, you need to make a clear decision.

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