What Makes a Bestfriend? 

Everyone has friends. Some people have a lot. Others don’t have many at all. But everyone has at least a few people in their corner who they know with certainty they can count on. 

But a BESTfriend? That’s that one. The one you could call without hesitation. The one who doesn’t ask questions when you’re in a crisis. The one who will find and make time when they know you need them. Bestfriends are essential because they consistently go above and beyond for you without you having to give them a reason. 

When I think of this question, I think of my Bestfriends. I have more than one because you can have a good thing more than once. I think of the times when I needed advice and to rant about my problems and they were there for hours. I think of the endless amounts of “You make it home?” texts that have been sent to my phone after long nights. I think of the “I don’t wanna go alone, come with me” requests that were readily answered. The birthday cards and plans. The random “I love you” texts and tea times that we have had. The celebration, not envy, of each other’s accomplishments. The fact that I never hear “I told you so.” The way I feel like I am family when I walk into their home. And if nothing else, I think of how we probably owe each other so much, yet we don’t keep count of anything. 

Bestfriends are honest with you without fear. They keep your secrets without you having to remind them of it. They know who you really are, but protect and love you all the same. Your Bestfriend is the person that you would go to war for, pull up for, and come over for in a heartbeat. You need them like they need you. It’s a connection that lasts regardless of how often you see or talk to each other. 

All of these are my qualifications for a Bestfriend, but yours may look different. Regardless, a Bestfriend is the sibling you chose that accepted the challenge. Everyone doesn’t have them, but you do. It’s a blessing and an experience that is shared and adored, and that makes your life so much better. 💕

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