Where You Wanna Be: Can You Recover After Cheating? 

Well… This is interesting. 

Cheating is one of those things that either ends or drastically changes a relationship. It is the biggest abuse of trust and commitment that can occur. It’s a lot to deal with and bounce back from, and some people aren’t up for the challenge. 

Personally, if someone cheats on me (which has yet to happen), we are no longer in a relationship. Period. I feel that you have disrespected too many aspects of my loyalty and time for me to bounce back from that. If you wanted a relationship, you wanted commitment. If you didn’t, you should have told me that when you first started doubting, not when you started reacting on your doubt. 

But. I understand that everyone isn’t like me in the sense that they can forgive and move on easier than I can. So if you truly feel that the pros outweigh the cons in this situation, and that the love you have for the person won’t change or become a hardship for the relationship, I encourage you to do what makes you happy. 

However, the toll that cheating can eventually take on your trust is often painful. Laying in bed with a person now turns into a heart race every time their phone rings. You never really know if they’re going where they told you they were going. Love is an essential part of a relationship, but that’s not all that it takes. You need commitment. Honestly. Loyalty. Sincerity. Appreciation. What is a cake if it doesn’t have all of the ingredients? 

I encourage you to consider all of this before making you final decision. Your happiness now may not compare to your happiness after restarting this relationship. If you feel that love is enough to overcome this, then do what makes you happy. If not, do not feel as if you are stuck and can’t leave. You don’t owe anything to anyone but yourself, and to yourself, you owe happiness. 

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