But, What Is Love, Though?

I am currently not in a relationship. I do not have anyone that blows my mind. My heart is not attached to anybody, and I am currently not involved in any situation, relation or commitment.

But I have been loved. I have been in love. I have loved someone and experienced how amazing all of it is. And even though it was a while ago, the lessons learned from this experience still matter and hold true to me. That’s how I know it was real, and that why I know when to recognize it.

You have asked me what love “should” feel like, and there are several ways that I can answer this. However, I feel it may work best if I use this as a list of descriptions, because there are many formations of sentences that describe love for me.

In my opinion…

Love should feel like an answer; not a question.
Love should feel like a sense of security.
Love should feel like the most comfortable place you know.
Love should feel like a pool of honesty.
Love should feel like a surprise that you’ve become accustomed to; you never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be a good thing.
Love should feel like looking through glass; it is transparent, it is clear, and something is looking back at you.
Love should feel like the random smile you get when you remember something that made you happy the other day.
Love should feel intentional, and not by mistake.
Love should feel selfless; it isn’t just about you anymore.
Love should feel like looking in a mirror; it is the same on both sides.
Love should feel like when Sunday comes; it’s a place where you can lay your burdens down.
Love should feel unconditional.
Love should feel like the joy from the simple things.
Love should feel like a class: you will always learn. You will always be tested. But when it’s done right, you will always pass.
Love should feel like the love songs you always sing about.
Love should feel like finding the last item that pulls your outfit together; you knew you were missing something, and you’re so happy you found what it was.
Love should feel like walking, not running.
Love shouldn’t be bashful and shy; love is one of the boldest things you can do.
Love should feel like an experience catered to your needs.

In all, love should feel like something that you don’t have to do, but love doing and experiencing. Love will cover you and allow you to feel comfortable being vulnerable. Love should feel willing, and pure, and happy. Love is a risk, but rewards of love should be worth all of the risk.

There is so much more that can be added to this list. But I have felt everything on this list, and I’ve felt many of these things at the same time. You may describe it in a different way, but love is love. You know it when you see it and experience it. And when you know it, you show it and grow in it.

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