To The Future Father of my Future Black Princess

To the Future Father of my Future Black Princess:
You have been handed a responsibility that is only reserved for men that have proven themselves as Kings. You and I now have developed a bond that science will say is intertwined in our DNA, but when we are asked, we will say it is based on, formed with, and immersed in our love. We have created a being that is now under our direct protection, physically, mentally and emotionally, and your role in this is one that cannot be replaced.

As soon as she has entered the world from my womb, our daughter will look to you for her strength, protection and reassurance. You are to be all of this and more to her. Your active presence in her life is an important layer of foundation that she will use to build her love for herself, and eventually another man. You will be the first male that she will ever love; allow her to fall so deeply in love with her father by showing her daily what love is. Not only with your unconditional love to her, but displaying your love for me so she never has to wonder what it looks like.

As my daughter grows older and looks in the mirror, I want her to see a work of art that needs no altering or revisions. Whatever imperfections that may be, ensure her that these are what make her who she is. There will be times when she will desire to be everyone but herself; remind her that comparison is a thief of joy and that you have loved her before you knew her skin complexion or hair texture. Ensure her that anyone worthy of loving or even experiencing her will accept and cherish her for who she is, rather that wish she was who she is not.

Your position in my daughter’s life will change, but never will it be removed. When she is a child, you will stand in front of her as a protector of her innocence from the world when it is too cruel. She will be behind you and even when you do not see it, she will look up to you as her guide just as you guided her through her first steps as a toddler. When she becomes a teenager, you will stand beside her as she makes those important life decisions, from education to careers, watch as she uses the lessons you have instilled in her, and lift her crown on the occasions that it has fallen. And when the time comes when she has manifested into the Black Queen she was destined to be, you will stand behind her as a center of support and unbreakable bond of love that she can lean on. You will watch her as she marches across stages, walks down the aisle, and most importantly, chases her dreams.

My Princess’ being would not exist if it were not for you. Rest assured that your Queen will be there every step of the way for her growth, and will be there for every situation that only a mother’s touch can fix. But I want you to know that my Princess will need, adore, cherish, and cling to you. You are half of the reason for her birth, but so much of the meaning in her life. I cannot wait to see her sitting on your lap as you show her the world on your throne.

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