To the Future Father of My Young Black Prince…

I have written you before in discussion of how you will raise my future Black Princess, and how your role in her upbringing will be a powerful force in her life. Now, I am writing you once more to tell you how you being a Black King will once again play an important role in another’s life: you will bring into this world a being who is a young boy by physical characteristics, but a young Black Prince by destiny.
My Black Prince will be his mother’s little man from the day he is in my arms until his crown grows to King size, but he will forever be your legacy. He will carry more than your name; he will carry a history worth more than what they will ever teach him in a classroom or show him in a movie.

He will grow and begin to look like you and remind you of how you were as a child. You will be so much in his life: his secret keeper. His disciplinarian. His friend. His advisor. And even if you feel that you are lacking in any of these areas, be rest assured that you are doing a job that he needs you for just by being THERE.

My Prince will grow in age and begin to look to you to teach him the things that I can not. He will see you dressed for work and want to learn how to tie his ties. He will be watching games with you and want you to teach him how to throw a football. While you teach him things in the physical sense, I want to be sure that you teach him things for his mental and emotional well being.

My Prince will be able to express himself, without feeling like less of a man by doing so. He will know when to ask for help without feeling like he should be able to figure everything out on his own. He will know how to court, how to date, and how to love a woman. These are the things that he will come to you for, and things that you must make sure he has within him.

If the world is still anything like what we live in today, my Prince will turn on the news and see things that will make him question his worth and royalty. And if he comes to you and asks you things like “Why do they hate us?” and “What do I do if they stop me?”, or says something like “I don’t want to be next.” I need you to sit down with him and remind him of who he KNOWS he is, no matter who THEY try to tell him that he is. You are to let my Prince know that his lungs are filled with air for him to breathe in all that life has to offer, no matter how much people may try to take that life away.

Tell him that his body is here for a reason worth much more than a crime scene investigation, and is surrounded more by love than chalk lines. Tell him that the blood that runs through him is full of legacy, and that with this blood he will make history, and not make a stain on concrete pavement.

My Prince will sometimes feel as if he is alone in this world, and you are to ensure him that you have been in his life before his eye met the light, and you have no intentions of leaving his side now. No matter how little the world constantly claims he is worth, you remind of his royalty. Recall his destiny. Straighten my son’s crown.

They say that when rearing boys, the days are long, but the years are short. The work and effort put in to raising my Black Prince will be exhausting on some occasions. But the growth and manifestation we will see in him will be worth doing all over again. My son will begin as a Black Prince, but grow into the majestic, glorious, successful, and conquering Black King. He will, in the end, be just like his Father.

Once Again, Until we meet,

Your Future Black Queen

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