What’s Pawwpin? Your Twitter, Your Life, or Both?

“You famous on Instagram. I’m REAL LIFE hot…”

J.Cole said this line a few years ago, and I never thought it would apply to my life. I just politely nodded my head and vibed to the rest of the song. Now, as I reflect on some current events in my life and how I’m trying to grow in various areas, I realize how relevant this line is.

A lot of us have more notifications than callbacks, more DMs than emails, and more things to Snapchat (woo..) than things to add on our resume. 

live tweets

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that being heavily involved in social media is a bad thing. It isn’t. In fact, when utilized properly, it can become your advantage. My last interview included questions about how many Twitter followers I had, my favorite accounts to follow, and how I use social media campaigns. Social media is becoming important, no matter what your mama says. 

But, while social media is becoming important, it can’t be the ONLY thing you have going for yourself. You have to be equally heavy hitting in the digital world and on paper. THAT is how you change the game. THAT is how you boss up. Tweeting about it and being about it are two totally different things, and only one is truly important.

I am a lover of all things Twitter. Twitter is such an amazing platform for expressing ideas, spreading information, and just getting a good laugh. I often find myself on Twitter engaging in conversation, making a good joke, or tweeting whatever may come on my mind at the time. I loved it, and with 3,500 Twitter followers, it seemed that I was good at whatever I was doing.

But then it got to a point where I was only hearing about things I was doing online, and not work I was doing in reality. And, honestly? I didn’t like the way that felt.

Ask yourself: if you deleted all of your social media accounts, what could people say about you? You should be able to be more than what can be posted in 140 characters or viewed in a maximum of 1o seconds. That is what will matter in 5 years when you are looking for jobs with higher salaries than your parents. I wanted to be more than my Twitter account. And I knew I had the power to change that.

I began using my Twitter to search for internships, and seeing how I could take what I was good at and apply it elsewhere. I knew I had ideas for events, so I became a Programming Coordinator. I knew that I wanted to work with social media and communications when I graduate college, so I found a internship online, applied, and was selected. I knew I was a good writer, that I had several opinions, and that people enjoyed reading my work. That is why I started this blog.

You have to take your skills and talents, use them to your advantage, and watch things manifest. In shorter terms, you have to finesse. It is essential.

Find what you are good at and start developing it now. Start that blog NOW. Get those designs together NOW. Write that music review NOW. Build that resume NOW. Then, use Twitter to let your audience and connections build. You can be a master of both; just allow both to work for you. Your resume will keep you where none of your followers will take you. And that, my friends, is a major key to success.

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