Is There A Right Time To Say Goodbye? (Spoiler Alert: There Is.)

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To be deeply involved with someone can bring along a wave of connections that you may have never felt before. You begin to take a stranger and turn that person into your love, your friend, and so much more. It becomes a special kind of bliss and a sweetly told fairy tale. Often, you become so deeply involved in the fairy tale that we often often forget the reality. Sometimes, the connection cannot overcome the situation. 

Opening yourself up to someone can be a struggle for anyone. We become so clothed in our protective walls that it is rare for us to find a reason, or person, worthy of unwrapping ourselves for. And when we do? We hold on tightly. We begin to see no one else but them. How can we find what we have now, later? Who else could possibly come so close?


I look at this question and I see a situation that more than likely involves two things: fear and self-esteem. These are huge roadblocks that can halt any needed progress, regardless of knowing that things need to change. These roadblocks can block our mental eyes from imagining how good things can look from the other side. And, as we all know, seeing is an important part of believing.

You may fear that you will never find anyone that excites you like who you are with now. Perhaps you are afraid of wasting your time again, or finding the feeling of hurt far too familiar. But, what is scarier? Taking another chance on finding love or staying in a horrible situation that doesn’t stand a chance? Once fear begins to hold you back, that is a sign that you need to move forward.

While you question exactly what it is you fear, also ask yourself this: “Am I afraid of myself?”. Do you think that you aren’t capable of finding someone that finds your soul beautiful enough to connect with? As a matter of fact, do you know you are worthy of experiencing a good thing more than once, and feeling something better than the last time? You deserve the best in every sense of the word, and you are more than capable of receiving it! As long as you know this to be true, you should never worry about leaving something that is no longer working for you in fear of not finding anything better. Better will always be out there as long as you believe that you deserve it.

If the connection no longer keeps you, you need to leave. Take time to get to know yourself again and see how amazing you are. Who wouldn’t want to be their best for you? You will find what you once had again , in better and more stable packaging. All things good come in good time, and soon and surely, time will owe you.

– Lex.

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