How To Leave A Toxic Relationship

The definition of toxic, when used as an adjective, is of, pertaining to, affected with, or caused by a toxin or poison.” However, when taken in a business sense, it is defined as “pertaining to or noting debt that will probably not be repaid.” 

You know your relationship is toxic when you analyze the time and effort put in, and realize that you will probably not be repaid with the end result that you want/deserve.

Yet, because it is toxic, it begins to engulf you. You are drowning in something that turned joy into jeopardy, and every attempt to leave is met by another wave. A wave of hope, fear, or regret always pushes you back in. So how do you leave?

Keep your head above water long enough to realize how much better the air is on the other side.

You need to know that it is okay for things to not work out. It is not your fault, and you do not need to chase pavements for the sake of not giving up. The time you waste trying to make something dead work can be used to wait on what you truly deserve. But, you reading this will not be enough to get you to understand. It can only help you reach a place of understanding. You have to wake up one day and realize that you deserve better, and actually MEAN that. As much as I, your friends, or anyone else will tell you, until you truly believe it in your heart, you will be stuck. Save yourself first, boo.


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