Future Wedding Vows From A Present Carefree Black Girl

Future Husband…
You have taken a chance on someone that the world has taken so much away from. You have looked past everything that anyone has said about me, and loved me anyway. I told you to leave, and you stayed anyway. I thought you would give up, and you tried again anyway. You’re persistence and consistency have proven to be stronger than any guard I have put up against you. You love me in spite of. You love me regardless. You love me no matter how many times circumstances have said not to. 
I look into your eyes now and they still glow as if you are seeing me for the first time; as if every day, I am the same surprise. You love me in a way that no other love story can emulate. You love with a passion that extends beyond the night and burns with fire during the day. You love me in all of my conditions; in my natural. In my stress. In my bliss. In my rambling of words at 5 in the morning, to the kicking off of my shoes at 5 in the afternoon. You have seen all of me and took it upon yourself to love me the same regardless. The love that you cover me in is deep enough for me to drown in and yet never reach the bottom. It is a love that girls dream of, that ladies seek after, but that only few women actually obtain. 
I want you to know that from this day forth, I promise to love you, care for you, and support you in a way that this world doesn’t have the bravery to do. To love a black man is a challenge that most run from, but for YOU, I accept and begin every day. Today is the day that we become bonded not only by the ancestry that runs in our blood lines, but by the love and commitment that will continue to surround us once we leave this altar. And I promise, that my love is yours from this moment on. No other man will come in and take what I have already given to you. My heart pledges allegiance to you with every beat, and with these vows, I profess to you my Oath of Honor. 
We may not have been made for each other in initial design, but there was some alignment destined in the stars that placed us in front of each other. The winds of love could have swept me under any other man, but instead placed me directly into your arms; a place that I never want to leave. I promise that no matter what the circumstances are, I am here for you. My love for you is like your favorite album on repeat: it never changes, but it’s so damn good you don’t want to listen to anything else. I vow to never change, and to only love you deeper, better, and more profoundly as the days go by. This is a promise that I carry along with your last name. You are my husband. You are my love. You are the Black Prince who completes the fairytale for a Black Princess. And for that, I give you my heart. For now and forever more. 

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